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Ben Ross

ben ross is a visual storyteller from no particular place or time.  as a result, both place and time are the foundations for the stories / images toward which he is drawn.  naturally, this proclivity led him to a visual medium that captures and reproduces the sensation of place: virtual reality.  his work attempts to look within and without, simultaneously trapped by and freed from the normative gaze.  he is a co-founder of Co.Reality, an immersive art / storytelling collective.



May 21, 2016

Let Me Reiterate | outside bathroom, upstairs sleeping porch, and back garden

duration: 30 minutes

Music Credits: Edith Piaf

Creative Directors and Performers: Sarah C. Prinz and Daniel J. Rosenberg

Mediums (Ensemble Performers): Jordan Holtane and Ben Ross

Choreographer: Sarah C. Prinz

Director of VR Capture: Ben Ross

Camera Assistant: Matt Ross

Lighting: Jordan Holtane

Post Production: Marissa DeMarini, Weston Gaylord, Ben Ross