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Emily Marchand

Emily Marchand (b. 1982, Sacramento, CA) thrives on working with fellow artists, creating new relationships, and believes that the most interesting conversations happen around a dinner table. She is practicing with food, textiles, and sculptural materials to conceptualize ideas and fuel conversation. Living and working in Los Angeles, Marchand received her BA in Art from UCLA and is currently working on her MFA in Art at California Institute of the Arts.



May 4, 2013

Cocktails in the Tub | downstairs bathroom



September 6/7, 2013

dining room



March 9, 2014

Gold Box Goat Shed

ongoing video installation



February 8, 2015

declaration of looove | basement

Emily Marchand and Sam Widaman

Inspired by the food scene in the film Tom Jones (1963) and The Richard Pryor Show (Uncensored Food Foreplay) (1977), this piece experiments with humor and eroticism found between lovers and food. RT: 2:59



May 3, 2015

mono no aware | garden (bottom)

tapetum lucidum | basement doors

Emily Marchand and Sam Widaman



February 20/21, 2016

Preservation, Hospitality, and Love | front stairs

Materials: salt, shoes, wax, books, chocolate chip cookies, cocktails



May 21, 2016

bread n butter | kitchen

Every time I have come into the kitchen, beautiful snacks have been put out for all who are hungry. As we rehearse, Asuka's kids come in and out and she always asks if they have eaten before they blaze out the door with food in hand. 

There is a cyclical nature to this kitchen, people come in one door and go out the other, only to come back around again. Basic ingredients are transformed into dips and pastries, filling the space with wonderful aromas and colors of red, green, yellow, black, and white. 

I will embed myself in this space for the entire evening, cyclically moving through the kitchen, practicing basic cooking and baking techniques, while engaging in the rhythm of the bustling house. We will shake cream into butter and activate the sensual nature of food. Communing over fresh bread, guests can circle through the room, leaving with snacks in hand.




August 26, 2017