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Melisa Dougherty

Melisa is a Los Angeles-based artist and production designer. Influenced by ancient techniques and practices, where humans first faced the conception of machine, Melisa moves fluidly between artistic mediums in an attempt to better study the juxtaposition of technology and humanity. These explorations manifest primarily through experience-based installation work, projection mapping, sculpture, graphic design, performance art, literary endeavors, and beyond. After receiving a BA in sculpture from the University of Southern California, Melisa has worked as a production designer and vfx artist in film and music videos, Through this work, Melisa has had the opportunity to build sets and alter environments, exploring the human condition through spatial, temporal, and aesthetic means. This artwork has most recently been featured at the Francois Ghebaly Gallery and at the Bergamot Station (as a co-founding member of the visual and virtual art collective, Virtual Light)



May 21, 2016

Seeking Self | basement

Where is the origin of self? In this day and age, the private is public, the public affects the private. Ephemeral boundaries merely decay further into ambiguity. How then can an individual exist? Through this four hour durational exploration into gesture, Melisa Dougherty, whom also performs under the name Em Dee, offers the body and mind as tools in the search for self. Preceding the performance itself, Melisa curated the site of the basement to further embody the spaces of life without physical boundaries; the subconscious, the ether that which exists beyond and without space. It is thus in this immersive nonplace where Melisa uses the traditions and aesthetics of butoh as well as wabisabi, to attempt to find, produce, or negate self. The result shall only reveal itself through the performance.

Sensory Environment made in Collaboration

Sight: Melisa Dougherty (Performance and staging), Alexa French (Makeup Designer)

Sound: Terminal A

Smell: Melisa Dougherty (Special Thanks to The Institute of Art and Olfaction)